Elementary Curriculum: Art

The Unionville-Chadds Ford Elementary Visual Arts Curriculum is designed to address Pennsylvania Academic Standards and scaffolds knowledge from grade to grade. The program strives to educate our students in developing a lifelong interest in the visual arts. The foundation of our students’ art education involves participation in creative learning experiences, exposure to cultures, time periods and various art styles. The students will also gain knowledge of how to work with various art media. This curriculum emphasizes creativity, enjoyment and exploration. Preparing children with a well-rounded background and general understanding of fine art in the world around them is the goal of the curriculum.

Through each year of the elementary visual art curriculum, students will build upon their knowledge of the elements and principles of design as well as specific techniques. Projects are designed to strengthen learning across all subject areas. The visual art curriculum will help develop our students’ observational skills, critical thinking, cooperative learning and their ability to approach problems from different perspectives. The program will cultivate creativity and discipline. Success in the visual arts program will lead to greater risk-taking in other subject areas and will help our students build self-esteem that will stimulate and facilitate academic learning.

Core Units by Marking Period:

Portraiture-First Marking Period

Figure Drawing-Second Marking Period 

Color and Design-Third Marking Period

Art and Nature- Fourth Marking Period

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