Elementary Curriculum: Social Studies

The Social Studies Curriculum prepares students to understand the forces that shape the communities, the culture and government both in our country and in the world.

Instructional Materials:

Scott Foresman Social Studies ©2011: A Social Studies Curriculum by Pearson

Core Units by Grade Level:

Grade 1:
Time for School,   In My Community,   Work, Work, Work!,   Our Earth, Our Resources,   This is Our Country,   Our Country, Our World

Grade 2:
Where We Live,   Our Earth,   Working Together,   Our Country Today,   Our Country Long Ago,   People and Places in History

Grade 3:
Geography Skills Chapter 5,   Geography Skills Chapter 6,   Technology Changes in Our Communities,   Economics Chapter 9,   Economics Chapter 10,   Your Local Government,   Governments in the Past,   History of Communities,   Maps and Globes

Grade 4:
The Land of Pennsylvania,   Pennsylvania Long Ago,   Colonial Pennsylvania,   Into the Twenty First Century,   Regions of the United States

Grade 5:
American People, American Land,   Early Life East and West,   Connections Across Continents,   Colonial Life in North America,   The American Revolution
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