Elementary Curriculum: Technology

The Elementary IT program focuses on the key skills needed for our students to succeed in today’s technology driven society.  The Technology program is aligned with the Pennsylvania Science and Technology Standards and the National Educational Technology Standards.   The lessons and activities for  K through 5 are developed to enhance student technology concepts and abilities using scaffolding methods and techniques.  Our core curriculum is based around the key areas of Computer Operations and Parts, Word Processing, Mulit-Media Presentations, Internet Use and Safety, and the use of Curriculum Related Software.  These areas provide students with a firm foundation, which is evident in technology projects completed in and out of their classrooms.  Students gain valuable hands on experience using the latest technology, which they can apply to their daily lives.  The skills and concepts learned through the UCFSD Elementary Instructional Technology program foster problem solving and real world skills, which help prepare them for this digital age.

Core Units:

-  Basic Programming

-  Computer Operations

-  Databases

-  Digital Imaging

-  Digital Music  

-  Keyboarding

-  Multi-Media Creation

-  Word Processing

Elementary Instructional Technology Links: 

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