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Our faculty and staff are vital to the fulfillment of our mission. Our employment goal is to attract and retain the very best possible candidate for every position.



  • Excellent Compensation and Benefits are only the Beginning
    • The benefits package includes: Health, Dental, Vision; and Tuition Reimbursement
    • Our teachers enjoy the benefits of the Pennsylvania School Employee Retirement System (PSERS). Learn more about this plan - Retirement plan information for new employees.
    • UCF offers teachers a very competitive starting salary. Review the teacher salary schedule from the current bargaining agreement.
    • The median salary is $75,877

Professional Development

  • Professional Development - Personal Growth
    • Our vision statement "Unlocking the Potential in All of Us!" reveals a commitment to improve the lives of all stakeholders - students, staff and community members.
    • All new professional staff will be involved in the Beginning Professional Program during the first three years of employment.
    • Opportunities for professional growth professional development are ongoing and aligned with standards and assessments.


  • A Culture of Teamwork - Environment for Success
    • The climate within our schools provides educators a supportive, creative and collaborative environment. Leadership and relationships are among the districts top strengths. The bi-annual climate survey indicates that, "the staff agrees that the administration communicates a clear vision, and is accessible to, and supportive of staff and their development".
    • Curriculum is developed collaboratively by teachers. Based on the five year "Curriculum Cycle", teachers participate in committees to routinely evaluate and enhance curriculum and instruction.
    • The recently implemented Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) allows educators to share best practices with colleagues and deliver instruction using state of the art technology.
    • Teachers who join UCF tend to stay here. We enjoy a high retention rate - the current average length of service for teacher is 12 years.

Add'l Resources

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