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Education Grants

UCFEF awards grants each year to fund projects in all of the district’s six schools.  All educators, parent,students or community members that have a project that serves students within the UCFSD community are eligible to submit a grant application. Grant requests up to $5,000 will be accepted on a rolling basis from September 1 to May 1. If possible, each grant application will be reviewed and voted on by the Grants Committee on a monthly cycle. We do not accept grant requests greater than $5,000 through our traditional process, but will assist the applicant in seeking outside funding.  Please contact the grants committee for more information about external grant requests at

Grant Criteria

Sponsored initiatives may be ideas or innovations that support current practice,that expand or enhance current practice, that approach framework requirements via alternative methodology, or that utilize technology to support, enhance or expand current practice.

Please note, one of the goals of the UCFEF is to allow teachers to pilot equipment, programs, and technology that are innovative and not currently used in the Unionville Chadds Ford School District.

Our Grant Committee will consider the overall strength of each proposal.  Proposals that positively impact larger portions of school population may be given priority.  In addition, we try to ensure an equitable distribution of grants among the six schools.

Your proposal should:

  • Reflect the UCFEF mission by being innovative and/or creative

  • Have clearly defined goals, activities, and outcomes

  • Be teacher/administrator-initiated

  • Contain an evaluation mechanism that can accurately assess project outcome

  • Have budget clarity

  • Should be self-sustaining or have a high probability of continuing without additional funding

  • Be consistent with school improvement plans and the school district’s goals

What can be funded:

  • Training related to implementation of the proposal

  • Consultants’ fees

  • Equipment, supplies, and materials required to implement the proposal


What cannot be funded:

  • Items that the UCFEF has previously funded, unless the grant proposal clearly                                  explains how the initiative is significantly different than the previously-funded project or addresses a different audience or age group.                                    

  • After school clubs

  • Proposals for items that are typically funded within the school budget

  • Salaried positions

  • Basic school curriculum development

  • Refreshments

  • Decorations

  • Projects more appropriately funded elsewhere (e.g. PTO)

Grant Proposal Approval Process

Each grant proposal is vetted by the Grant Committee and then presented to the board. Each grant proposal is scored using a 1 – 5 ranking with 5 being the highest rank possible. The 1 – 5 score is based on evidence that the grant proposal:

  • Addresses a clear need and is in alignment with district initiatives and school goals
  • Impacts a significant number of students
  • Is sustainable and feasible

  • Innovative, creative, and supports “out of the box”  approaches to curriculum implementation                       

Past Grant Awards

2018 Grant Awards

Unionville High School

Technology and Engineering Education Laptops - $4,804

Charles F. Patton Middle School

Tower Garden Project - $1,087

Chadds Ford Elementary School

Flexible Seating - $1,200

Working with Circuits K-5 - $1,200

Outdoor Classroom Boy Scout Eagle Project - $600

Hillendale Elementary School

Designing and Creating with 3D Printers & Live Streaming - $4,998

Pocopson Elementary School

Designing and Creating with 3D Printers & Live Streaming - $4,998

Flexible Seating - $1,000

Flexible Seating - $1,000

Unionville Elementary School

Virtual Reality - $1,000

2017 Grant Awards

Unionville High School

Community Building Leadership Project - $5,000 

Cordless Tools for Tech and Engineering Lab - $860

Charles F. Patton Middle School

Water Bottle Filling Station - $600  - The goal is to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Chadds Ford Elementary School

eTextiles - $1,403 

Hillendale Elementary School

Signage Hillendale Trail - $1,629 

Water Bottle Filling Stations - $2,000

Pocopson Elementary School

Water Bottle Filler Conversion Kit - $490

Attention to Fitness - $2,000

Chromebooks - $4,980

Unionville Elementary School

Collab-Oratory - $1,565

Student Centered Seating - $2,256


2016 Grant Awards

Unionville High School

Makerspace/ Rasberry Pi & Litte Bits - $2,500

Waerbottle Filling Stations - $3,600

UHS Cyber Cafe - $2,500 

3D Biological Modeling and Printing - $4,000 

Next Generation Wireless Carts - $2,300

Charles F Patton Middle School

Redcat Classroom Audio System - $4,332

Chadds Ford Elementary

CFES Makerspace - $3,764

CFES Collaboration Space - $1,500

Pocopson Elementary School

Rockin' Reader Chairs - $1,000

Library iPads - $1,500

Unionville Elementary School

15 Chromebooks - $3,990

2015 Grant Awards 

Charles F Patton Middle School

High Tunnel Solar Mechanism - $3,900

Chromebox Computers - $670

Chadds Ford Elementary School

Makerbot 3D Printer - $1,650

Hillendale Elementary School

Hillendale Trail - $5,000

Unionville Elementary School

Read Along Library - $990 


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