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UHS School Profile

  • Class of 2017: 316 graduated
  • Attending College: 94% 4-year: 86% 2-year: 8%
  • UHS Athletics: 9 Division Championships: 2 League Championships; 13 teams quali ed for District playo s; 3 teams quali ed for State playo s
  • UHS Indoor Color Guard • Finalist in the Scholastic A Division Winter Guard International World Championships
    • First Place at the Champions of Tournament Indoor Association Southeastern Pennsylvania Region • First Place champions in Tournament Indoor Association’s Southeastern Pennsylvania Region
  • UHS Speech and Debate Team: Finalists and semi nalists in NCFL Grand National Tournament
  • UHS Future Business Leaders of America • Numerous students nish top ten at the State Leadership Conference • Four students quali ed for the national competition
  • UHS student is named Regional nalist in the National Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology.
  • UHS student recognized as a Regeneron Science Talent Search Finalist.
  • Earned gold, silver, honorable mention, and special award recognition at the Delaware Valley Science Fair.
  • e Unionville Players received 13 Cappies nominations for the fall play, Antigone.
  • First and second place winners in the Regional Art Portfolio Contest.
  • AATG National German Awards: 9 Gold, 10 Silver, 8 Bronze, 25 Honorable Mention.
  • Presidential Citation Award presented by he Longwood Rotary to the INTERACT CLUB for their highly organized and active participation in service.

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