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FAQs About the Impact of COVID-19 on UCFSD 

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Last Updated: March 20, 2020

Does the district have the ability to deliver instruction online? 
Yes, and we currently are delivering comprehensive education through distance learning. The education of our students is dependent on our entire community. While the idea of online instruction or distance learning is not new to our instructional team, moving instruction fully online is a journey that we will all navigate together. If you have a specific question or concern about the first iteration of our classroom to cloud learning model, or a technology issue, please contact your building principal.

What if my student doesn’t have a computing device or internet connection?
We understand that transitioning from the classroom to the cloud will require computing devices for all of our students. If you are in need of a device or need help securing wifi, we will arrange to loan your student a computing device and if necessary an accompanying internet hotspot.  Please contact:  Justin Webb, Technology Director,, for help with this. 

Will teachers be available for help while students complete work using the online resources?
Yes, teachers will be expected to be available to answer questions via email and/or chat sessions during regular school hours, depending on the course and grade level being instructed.

What will happen if the school district is closed for more than 14 days?
We will continue with distance learning and consult with the PA and Chester County Departments of Health, and PA Department of Education for guidance.

Will we lose our Spring Break?
If the District closure is extended beyond spring break, our break will remain as planned and distance learning will be suspended April 6, 2020 through April 13, 2020. 

What if my child requires special education services?
Instructional staff who provide services to our students with disabilities will make every effort to deliver the service minutes indicated in each student’s IEP utilizing the platforms available. When services return to the classroom setting, IEP teams can meet to determine if changes to services are needed.

Will the district continue to provide meals for families on the free/reduced meal plan during the closure?
Yes. During the 14-day school closure (10 school days), the Food Service team will continue to provide meals for our families who participate in the National School Lunch Program.  Pre-packaged meals will be available for pick-up at two District locations during the closure. The District will provide these meals to all students in need at no cost to our families. FIVE (5) Breakfast and FIVE (5) Lunch meals will be distributed per student on day one (March 16). The second round of meals will be available on March 23, 2020, exactly one week from day one. Meal distribution will continue on a weekly basis in the case of a prolonged closure. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Cochran at

Can we access the building to retrieve items my child left behind (i.e. books, projects, sports equipment, medicine)? 
Only a very small number of essential personnel have access to the buildings during this closure.  If you need to access something in the school out of necessity, such as your child’s medicine, eyeglasses, Chromebooks, please email your school’s principal with the request. 

I need to speak with my child’s counselor. Who should I contact?
Please email your child’s counselor to arrange communication via phone or email.

Does the school district have a plan to close schools in the event of a person being identified with COVID-19?
Yes, we are working closely with the Chester County Department of Health on this matter. When a case is identified, the Department of Health works quickly to identify any people who may have come in contact with the person confirmed positive for the virus. The school is notified if one of those people had contact with anyone in the school. Based on information from the Department of Health, an individual school or entire district could be closed for any length of time. 

Will attendance polices be relaxed for parents who choose to keep a child home from school for fear of contracting the virus COVID-19?
Yes, we will be very lenient with attendance policies due to the extreme concern for protecting students who may be more susceptible to getting ill.  Our policy (204) allows for up to 10 days of absence without a doctor’s note.  If you have concerns about sending your students to school, you may keep your children home - the absence will be excused.  A parent note will be required upon return.