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Board Meeting Recap | August 19, 2019


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All board meetings are filmed and may be viewed on the District’s YouTube channel.

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Sanville welcomed everyone to the meeting and to the end of the summer. He shared some highlights from Convocation and announced this year’s theme - Service Above Self. He looks forward to welcoming back our 4100 students.

Retiree Recognition
Ms. Sharon Baillie was recognized for her years of service at UCF. Ms. Baillie has been the benefits specialist for the past 23 years. Mr. Cochran shared that Ms. Baillie has had a stellar career at UCF and revealed a box of thank you notes from employees who have been impacted by her work.

Student Representative’s Report
The board welcomed Ms. Evanko as the new student representative who will be joining Ms. Elvin at the meetings this year.

Ms. Evanko mentioned that the students have received their schedules and that it is a symbol that summer is quickly ending and the school year is about to begin.

Ms. Elvin shared her enthusiasm for the school year to begin, highlighting the upcoming SHOC event for new students and the highly anticipated Lunch and Learn.

Action Items and Committee Reports
In Curriculum, the Get More Math contract was approved. This is replacing the former program used at the middle school, Study Island. The new program allows students to progress independently at their own pace and advance once they master a skill, revisiting that skill periodically to reaffirm competency.

The Board also approved a middle school trip to NYC (March 2020) for Spanish students who wish to take part in an immersive experience in Spanish Harlem. This is an overnight trip and this will be the first year they are offering this trip.

A Blended Learning Professional Development opportunity with the CCIU was also approved. The CCIU will train staff on blended learning in preparation for future blended learning opportunities at the high school.

In Facilities, the board approved the replacement Chiller form Chadds Ford Elementary School. The chiller has already been installed and is currently keeping Chadds Ford Elementary cool!

Additionally, a Supplemental Agreement to K&W's contract for the structural evaluation of the existing barn was approved.

In Finance, the School Board approved an agreement with The Retirement Advantage to provide an actuarial valuation for the district since our prior firm has backed out of GASB 75 reporting. GASB 75 Valuation Services - GASB 75 is an accounting standard released by the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) that deals with reporting OPEB (other post-employment benefits) costs (post-employment costs other than pensions).

The District issued new debt and refunded some existing debt this past spring. PDE requires the District to submit a PlanCon Part K package which has been approved by the Board in order for them to make necessary changes to the old debt reimbursements and the new debt reimbursement (refunded debt portion only).

In Policy, 913-AG1 (Commercialism in Schools and on School Property) was approved. This is a new administrative guideline outlining how the District will handle advertising on school property, such as athletic field ads, and scoreboard signage.

Upcoming Meetings

Curriculum & Instruction Meeting - September 9, 2019 at 4:30 pm

School Board Work Session - September 9, 2019 at 7:00 pm

School Board Meeting - September 16, 2019 at 7:30 pm


Board Meeting Recap | September 16, 2019


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All board meetings are filmed and may be viewed on the District’s YouTube channel.
Watch the 9/16/19 meeting here!

Superintendent’s Report
The September meeting was hosted by the high school, therefore Dr. Sanville yielded his report to Mr. Conley, Principal at UHS. Mr. Conley shared stories from the high school that reflect growth. Several student groups were present to be recognized for various achievements, but also to showcase some examples of positive growth at the high school.

Mr. Conley first recognized the group of 22 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists, the largest group in school history. He then had representatives from the Girls' Golf team discuss how they have grown the program and share their recent accomplishments as a team. The Speech and Debate team also presented on their tremendous team growth as well as the community they have built at UHS. Lastly, Mr. Conley recognized TEDx Unionville as an initiative at the high school that has been a huge success and continues to grow in its second year.

Student Representative’s Report
Molly Evanko provided the school board with an update on Lunch and Learn. She shared that Lunch and Learn has been a success and that students are happy with the new schedule. She added that students are enjoying the hour to be able to talk to teachers if they need extra help or have an early dismissal for sports forcing them to miss that class.

Ms. Evanko also shared that USAC hosted a teacher appreciation BBQ at last Friday’s football game against Kennett. She pointed out that the student section has been packed this year at home games and has been a positive experience for all students.

Lastly, she mentioned that next week is Spirit Week leading up to the pep rally and homecoming game. During Spirit Week, Student Council is organizing a service project to collect sanitary goods for a local shelter.

Action Items and Committee Reports

CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTIONIn Curriculum and Instruction, the Board approved the contract with Compass Mark for our Student Assistance Program (SAP). They also approved the Extended School Year (ESY) dates for the summer of 2020. •

FACILITIES: Mr. Lindner presented one voting item which was presented to the board by Supervisor of Facilities, James Whitesel during the September work session. The Board approved the proposal for the engineering design and bid services for the replacement of the existing wastewater treatment plant at Chadds Ford Elementary School. The existing plant is approximately 60 years old and in need of significant renovations and upgrades in order to meet current DEP regulations. Options were reviewed including: replacement with a pump station and pumping to an offsite treatment plant, renovations of existing plant, and complete replacement. The most efficient and economical option was to replace it with a new packaged treatment plant facility. •

FINANCE: Mr. Day gave the Finance report and presented one voting item. The Board approved the use of the Reschini Group to complete the District’s 2019 IRS forms for Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting. ACA requires employers that sponsor self-insured health plans and large employers with 50 or more full-time employees to report certain information to the IRS about the coverage that was offered to their employees. •

COMMUNICATIONS: Ms. Anderson reminded the public about Changing the Game author, John O’Sullivan’s presentation on September 23 at 7 PM in the UHS auditorium. Invitations have gone out to neighboring districts and the event is free and open to the public. Mr. Hellrung added that Mr. O’Sullivan is a top-notch speaker and he hopes to see many from our community in attendance on Monday night. •

POLICY: Mr. Murphy gave the Policy report and presented one policy for board approval. The Board approved modifications to Policy 216 Student Records. The following addition in italics was added to the policy: Transferring education records and appropriate disciplinary records to other school districts, with the understanding that the District will not disclose disciplinary records to post-secondary schools, unless a parent/guardian or applicable student with rights under FERPA requests that the disciplinary record be shared.

This topic was thoroughly discussed during the September Work Session. •

Upcoming Meetings

Curriculum & Instruction Meeting - October 14 at 4:30 PM

School Board Work Session - October 14 at 7:00 PM

School Board Meeting - October 21 at 7:30 PM (Unionville Elementary School Auditorium)


Board Meeting Recap | October 21, 2019


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All board meetings are filmed and may be viewed on the District’s YouTube channel.
Watch the 10/21/19 meeting here!

Superintendent’s Report
The October meeting was hosted by Unionville Elementary School, therefore Dr. Sanville yielded his report to Dr. Lafferty, Principal at UES. Dr. Lafferty recognized three exceptional UE Stars who inspire others.

Clare Voss - Advocate for Change
Clare was recognized for her passion project to help educate her peers on Victoria’s Law, a bill supported by Sen. Tom Killion. She invited Sen. Killion to speak with her class and share the importance of ending puppy mills.

Lincoln Farkas - Web Designer
Lincoln was recognized for his desire to help others navigate the difficult waters of technology. Lincoln created a website to help people better understand how to use technology.

Josi Patti - Entrepreneur
Josi was recognized for her entrepreneurship. Her love for baking sparked her interest in creating a baking service where she makes cakes, cupcakes and other goodies. She even provided a sweet treat for the Board Directors.


Student Representatives' Report
Ms. Evanko spoke of UHS fall sports teams going into playoff competition. She also mentioned that UHS will be collecting canned goods for the Kennett Food Cupboard at this Friday's football game.

Ms. Elvin spoke of several UHS events:
• Homecoming in September
• Spirit week leading up to Homecoming
• Hygiene drive for Kennett Food Cupboard

She reflected on her participation in a presentation given at the PASA-PSBA Leadership Conference in Hershey, PA. She presented alongside Dr. Sanville, Mr. Conley and Mr. Hoffman on Policy 218 - Code of Student Conduct.

She also shared survey results from Lunch & Learn. She received positive feedback from the approximate 300 responses. She shared that students appreciate the chance to decompress and hang out.

Action Items and Committee Reports

CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTIONMr. Dupuis reported that the Board had received an excellent presentation by the 8th grade Civics program in regard to incorporating community service into the curriculum. During the October C&I Meeting, the Board received a presentation from the CCIU on the Brandywine Virtual Academy and discussed a potential partnership with the BVA as the District’s designated cyber school option. This option would allow Unionville students enrolled in the BVA to receive a Unionville diploma. Additionally, it would give the District the ability to negotiate competitive pricing for cyber education, and allow the District to have more direct engagement in the academic rigor of the curriculum. Mr. Dupuis also mentioned the Question Persuade Refer (QPR) training District faculty and staff received. QPR training is a resource for suicide prevention.

FACILITIES: Mr. James Whitesel, Supervisor of Facilities, presented an update on the Long Range Facilities Plan to the board during the October Work Session.

FINANCE: Mr. Day gave the Finance report. The Board approved to renew the agreement with the District’s auditors, BBD, LLP, for three years. The Board also approved the proposed 2020-2021 per pupil building allocations.

PERSONNEL: Dr. Simonson presented personnel items. The Board approved a proposal for the CCIU to conduct an audit of UCFSD Human Resources services.

POLICY: There were several Policies for First Reading. The Board publicly discussed in detail Policy 217 in regards to Keystone exams as a graduation requirement during the October Work Session and Regular Board meeting.

Upcoming Meetings

Curriculum & Instruction Meeting - November 11 at 4:30 PM

School Board Work Session - November 11 at 7:00 PM

School Board Meeting - November 18 at 7:30 PM