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Point of Sale FAQ

About the Point of Sale System

We currently use the PrimeroEdge point of sale system for food service management.

Frequently Asked Questions 

HOW MUCH IS LUNCH? A school lunch costs $2.50 (elementary), $2.75 (middle school) and $3.50 (high school). The lunch price includes the entrée, all side items, and milk. 

WHAT IF MY CHILD WANTS TO BUY JUST MILK AND/OR SNACKS? If your child wants to buy snacks or beverages, they are available on the lunch lines. Milk costs 60 cents. Ice cream novelties are 75 cents each. Regular or Baked Chips are 75 cents. Soft Pretzels are 75 cents. Snapple 100% juice is 75 cents. Bottled water is 50 cents.

WHAT IS POINT OF SALE? Point of Sale is a system that will allow the cafeteria to meet certain federal guidelines regarding menu planning and service. It is also used to eliminate the need for cash on a daily basis thereby speeding up meal service.

HOW DOES IT WORK? An account is set up for your child so that he/she can purchase lunch or other items in the cafeteria without having to bring cash everyday. The parent sends in money to be placed in the student's account. As the student purchases lunch or other items, the system will automatically deduct the amount from the account.

DO I HAVE CONTROL OVER THE AMOUNT SPENT IN THE CAFETERIA? Parents predetermine whether a child can use the money/account for lunch only or for lunch and ala carte purchases. Ala carte purchases can be milk, chips, ice cream, etc. The parent determines how the account may be used when it is set up. An account balance and record of money submitted and spent can be obtained easily by calling the cafeteria at the school. Elementary students are only permitted to purchase a maximum of two ala carte items each day.

HOW DOES MY CHILD USE THE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM? Each student is given a lunch account card (elementary) or their 6-digit identification number (middle school/high school) that they must use at the end of the serving line. This will bring up their account on the screen. The cashier will key in what the student selected. The computer will calculate the balance and the student just goes to their seat to enjoy their lunch. No more standing and searching for money in the lunch line!!

HOW DO I KNOW THAT MY CHILD IS THE ONLY ONE USING THE ACCOUNT? The students must use their lunch card (elem) or pin number (ms/hs) every time they make a purchase. The system records what is purchased and will prompt the cashier if a number has been entered more than once. The system also displays the child’s picture so the cashier can easily identify that the correct student is making the purchases.

WHAT IF MY CHILD DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY IN HIS ACCOUNT WHEN HE GOES THROUGH THE LINE? Our policy is that no child will go hungry. Students will be able to choose a lunch and the lunch will be charged on their account. A letter will be sent home when a student must charge a lunch or when an account falls below the $5.00 mark so that the parent may send in money to replenish the account. The student may also pay cash at the end of the line.

WHAT IF MY CHILD HAS SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES? If your child has an allergy or medical condition of which we should be aware, please contact the nurse at your student's school.  The nurse will send confidential information that will be added to our Point of Sale system.  The system can discretely alert the cashier when your child goes through the line.

HOW DO I SET UP AN ACCOUNT FOR MY CHILD? Every student's name, grade, and teacher exist in the point of sale system. You only need to fill in the payment envelope and have your child take it to the cafeteria. If you do not have a prepayment envelope, just use any envelope and mark the outside with your child’s full name, grade, and teacher. Please make sure your child's name is on the check. The cafeteria manager will call you if there are any questions.

IS THERE A LIMIT TO THE AMOUNT OF MONEY I CAN PUT IN THE ACCOUNT? If your child purchases lunch fairly often, you may want to put a minimum of $25.00 in their account. There is no set limit to the amount of money that can be placed in the account. If you designate that the child may use the account for lunch and ala carte purchases, then they will be able to buy milk or ice cream, soft pretzels, etc. when they do not purchase lunch or in addition to when they do purchase lunch. The system will accept any amount that you feel is appropriate.  New for 2020, we will no longer accept cash at the time of purchase.  All cash and checks will be collected and deposited by the Food Service Office.  This will help to speed our cashier line as well as reduce contact at the register.

Thank you for your support of the lunch program- Please call if you have any questions! You many call the school and ask for the cafeteria or call the food service office at 610-347-0970, ext. 3334.