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The Gifted Support (AT) program at the high school is comprised of two distinct components: gifted education services and resource support. Gifted education is provided through the use of a GIEP, which documents the student’s exceptional needs beyond that which we provide in our general education curriculum and creates a plan through specially designed instruction to insure that the student has opportunities to develop his/her intellectual potential. Students who find themselves thoroughly challenged by their honor and AP level courses will not have a GIEP but may access the AT room for support services. If a student’s needs change, the GIEP team reconvenes and reassesses what services are necessary to insure the student is appropriately challenged.

Within the AT program, all identified 9th grade students are able to take a Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) seminar for credit either as a stand-alone course or in conjunction with a modified Computers Applications course. 9th grade students create 4 year plans and participate in enrichment opportunities designed to stimulate and develop higher order thinking skills. 10th grade students refine their 4-year plans and continue to enhance their evaluative and synthesis proficiencies. 11th and 12th grade students focus on the college search process and begin developing their post-secondary plans.

All identified students may utilize the AT room for college search and application guidance, curricular support, as well as for enrichment opportunities. Students are encouraged to proactively schedule conferences, touching base regarding their academic progress to ensure that they continue working productively to meet their gifted education and personal objectives. Students’ progress is routinely monitored to assess the appropriateness of their academic placements and to suggest growth opportunities, which will allow students to work to develop to their fullest potential. Enrichment and acceleration opportunities for those students with a GIEP are individually tailored and include a combination of specially designed instruction techniques constructed to provide the student increased challenge beyond course requirements. Additionally, students learn to recognize their emotional responses that may act as barriers to their learning and discuss strategies to help them manage any affective needs.

Gifted Education Teacher

Unionville High School: 
Maggie Hunt-