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SAGE Program



SAGE: Seniors Applying General Experience

Unionville-Chadds Ford School District
Senior Citizens Property Tax Relief Program

GOAL: To provide an opportunity for senior citizen property owners to earn up to $650 in exchange for providing services to the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District.

BENEFITS: The program provides double rewards. For the senior, it provides a monetary reward in addition to personal satisfaction. It also benefits students, faculty and other staff in need of additional assistance.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Retired homeowners in the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District are eligible. Participants must be at least 60 years old by December 31 of the year in which they participate.


1. The tax relief program allows a maximum of 65 hours of participation at $10.00 per hour credit. Married couples who are both listed as owners of eligible property can each earn $650 in tax relief. If your spouse has a medically certified disability, you may earn his/her 65 hours in addition to your 65 hours.

2. The tax year runs from July 1 to June 30 each year. You will receive a check in August or September for services rendered in the prior year. This can be used toward your taxes for the current year. (Face value property taxes are due October 31.)

3. The funds earned through this program are considered earned income by the Federal & Pennsylvania Governments and are subject to payroll and income taxes. Federal and state income taxes, social security, and Medicare as well as unemployment taxes are also deducted from your earnings.

4. Maximum relief cannot exceed the actual amount of school real estate taxes that you paid. Prior year taxes must be paid in full in order to participate.

5. First time participants completing 30 or more hours will be reimbursed up to $40 for clearance fees (Act 34, Act 114 & Act 151). This will be a separate check issued in August or September. (Clearances remain current if you continue to participate year to year with no break in service.) Receipts must be submitted at the time clearances are provided to UCFSD prior to starting the program.

6. First time participants must complete an Act 168 (Employment History Review) for all former employers where the applicant was employed by a school entity or where the applicant was employed in a position where he/she had direct contact with children.

7. If you are accepted into the program but do not participate for one (1) year, you must be re-certified (Act 34, Act 114 & Act 151 clearances) at your own expense. Pennsylvania also requires those with continuous participation to renew these clearances every five (5) years (at your own expense).

8. Participants are required to submit a verified log of hours at the end of the school year, or when your service ends. You will receive your log at your first assignment. The Office Manager or Secretary will give it to you and direct you to your assignment. You will be responsible for keeping the log and bringing it to each assignment for verification/signature.



  1. Student Support: Tutoring, teacher/classroom aide, mentoring, library aide, chaperone
  2. Office Support: Preparing items for distribution/mailing, collating/stapling booklets, word processing, special projects, answering phones, etc.
  3. Facilities Support: Painting, minor repairs, floor maintenance, landscaping
  4. Transportation Support: Primarily for Elementary school
  5. Food Service Support: Breakfast and lunchtime assistance
  6. Student Safety Support: Arrival and dismissal of buses

You may specify your preferred activities, however you may be offered other activities if your preference is not available or other needs exist.



1. Obtain an application packet from the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District Administration Office at 740 Unionville Road, Kennett Square, PA 19348 or by calling 610-347-0970, x 3316. You can also obtain and print out the application and packet from this website under the SAGE Application link (below).

2. Obtain the following clearances as required by PA Department of Education:

NOTE: You may NOT use the free volunteer payment option for the two Pennsylvania clearances since you will be receiving compensation from the district.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Criminal Background Checks (Act 114)
  • Pennsylvania Criminal Record Checks (Act 34)
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearances (Act 151)
  • Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release (Act 168)

More info on Human Resources webpage.

3. You must make an appointment to return the completed application to the SAGE Coordinator. Please include originals of the Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Clearance, FBI Fingerprint Transaction Control Number, the W-4 form, Local Earned Income Tax form, Act 168 form (if applicable), PDE 6004 form, I-9 Form, and an Emergency Health Form. You will need to show your I-9 document proof (passport, or driver’s license and Social Security card) to the SAGE Coordinator who will complete the 2nd page of the I-9 form.

4. The SAGE Coordinator or District Office staff will review all required paperwork and contact you to confirm the completion of the application process. If everything is in order, your name will be placed on a list with other SAGE participants and given to the office staff in each building. You will be called as needed by the office staff so you can arrange your assignments with them directly. You may specify the buildings in which you prefer to work, however you may be offered work in other buildings as needed.



1. When you have completed your hours, return your completed log sheets to the district office SAGE Coordinator. Your hours will then be verified and your tax relief check will be issued.