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Pupil Services



The goal of the Unionville-Chadds Ford Department of Pupil Services is to provide our students with a distinct educational edge that prepares all learners to be successful and contributing members in our society.


Through a collaborative process, our teams are constantly developing, monitoring, and evaluating programs to ensure that we offer innovative, comprehensive services to all of our students


While different students need different support, the Pupil Services Department is dedicated to assisting teachers, parents, and students in fulfilling the District Mission and Goals.


Pupil Services is a cluster of activities, functions and services designed to help each student experience success and benefit from school experiences. Various pupil services programs touch the lives of all children in the school, including those children who are experiencing the normal problems and stress of development. Services include programming for children with disabilities, individual counseling, social work, health services, and gifted and talented programming. Students are provided these services in order to:

  • better understand his/her own uniqueness
  • adjust to the demands of the total environment
  • achieve social and academic competence
  • assume responsibility
  • set goals
  • make meaningful life decisions


UCFSD is committed to providing our students with quality educational experiences that will encourage them to be successful learners. A continuum of services in accordance to Federal and State laws are in place to ensure our students' needs are being met . These include program supports such as student assistance, or varied supplemental supports provided by our guidance, psychology and nursing staff.


We are proud to accept the ongoing challenge to maintain a continuum of educational services that facilitate appropriate programs for the children who are entrusted to us each day.



Pupil Services Contacts

Click on the name of a department in the table below to see the Pupil Services contacts within that department at a specific school building (school names are listed in the top row of the table).

Leah Reider

Titles: Director of Pupil Services
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-347-0970 ext. 3326

Shannon Brown

Titles: Supervisor of Secondary Special Education and Supervisor of Online Learning
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-347-0970 ext. 3377

Robyn Matus

Titles: Office Manager
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-347-0970 ext. 3323

Brian Leipold

Titles: Pupil Services Assistant
Phone Numbers:
School: 610.347.0970 ext. 3338

Joan Elvin

Titles: Pupil Services Secretary/Access Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-347-0970 ext. 3328