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Enrollment FAQ

Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are required for enrollment?

  • Child’s Proof of Age - one of the following: Birth certificate, Notarized copy of birth certificate, Baptismal certificate, Copy of the record of baptism, notarized or duly certified and showing date of birth, Notarized statement from the parents/guardians or relative indicating date of birth, Valid passport, Prior school record indicating date of birth
  • Proof of Residency - one of the following documents is required:

    At least one (1) of the following:  (a) Executed Property Deed, (b) Current Mortgage Statement, (c) Signed Settlement/Closing Statement, (d) Signed Current Lease Agreement, (e) Letter from Employer evidencing Employer provided housing, or (f) Signed Purchase or Construction Contract, which sets the date of occupancy no later than 120 calendar days from date of registration

    AND, at least one (1) of the following: (a) Current Homeowners, Renters, or Automobile Insurance Statement, (b) Current Bank Statement, (c) Driver’s License, (d) Vehicle Registration Card, (e) Utility Activation or Billing Statements, (f) Current Credit Card Statement, or (g) Government-Issued ID

  • Child’s immunization record
  • Completed Online Enrollment Forms
In addition, the following, if applicable, should be provided to the Registrar via email:
  • Custody Agreement
  • Special Education, Gifted or 504 Documents
  • Most recent report card

I do not have internet or computer access. What should I do?

  • Please call our Registrar at 610­-347­-0970 x 3300 to make an alternative arrangements.

Where is the enrollment office?

  • Our enrollment process is done completely online. If you need assistance, or access to technology to complete your child's enrollment, please contact our Registrar for accomodations.
  • New Student enrollments are processed at the UCFSD District Office, located on the right hand side of the Unionville High School at 740 Unionville Road Kennett Square, PA 19348. Please contact our Registrar if you need directions or are unsure of where to go.

What are the age requirements for entering Kindergarten?

  • Your child must have obtained the age of five (5) years on or before September 1st to enter Kindergarten.

Does UCFSD offer a full day Kindergarten program?

  • No, the district has two sessions of Kindergarten
    • AM Kindergarten 9:10AM­-11:45AM
    • PM Kindergarten 1:05PM-­3:40PM

How are AM and PM Kindergarten placements decided?

  • Building principals determine placements for all students, including Kindergartners. In making AM/PM placement decisions, principals must weigh transportation efficiencies, class sizes and other factors to ensure a balanced learning environment. Families with special circumstances should provide this information to the building principal as soon as possible. Families are contacted in early July with their child’s AM or PM assignment.

Does the district provide mid­day busing for Kindergarten students?

  • No, the district does not offer mid­day busing.

Does the district offer before/after school child care for students?

  • Yes, UCFSD offers in-house child care for half-day Kindergarten students, as well as before/after school care for grades 1 thru 5, provided by the Kennett YMCA. These classes fill up quickly and are offered on a first come first serve basis. You can contact the YMCA at 610-444-9622.

I am moving into the district and we have not yet completed the purchase of our home. Can I still enroll my child/ren?

  • Yes. However, you will need to pay monthly tuition to the district until such time that you can provide settlement documents to our Registrar. Current tuition rates are determined by our Business Office and are subject to change.