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Social Workers

School Social Workers identify, assess and resolve challenges that interfere with a student’s attendance, adjustment and achievement in school. They provide individual and group counseling, conduct assessments, mobilize school and community resources, and provide consultation to school staff. School Social Workers serve as liaisons between the home, school and community. They advocate for and with parents to increase involvement and improve their understanding of their child’s education. Their work is confidential in nature and is always approached with the intent of recognizing the strengths and potential of the children and families served.


UCFSD School Social Workers Group Photo


Kate Rentschler MSW, LCSW
Elementary School Social Worker
610-347-1700 x 3575

Regina Gaffney, MSW, LCSW
CFPMS - School Social Worker
610-347-2000 x 3844

Sarah Graden, MA, LCSW
UHS - School Social Worker
610-347-1600 x 3166

Brie Ziegler, MSW, LCSW
UHS - School Social Worker
610-347-1600 x 3127