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Bus Stop Safety Guidelines for Students

  • Arrive at your morning bus stop at least 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled pick up time. Student ridership and traffic conditions can be unpredictable, so the timing of a bus route will not be perfect every day.
  • Stand at least 10 feet away from the school bus as it approaches your bus stop.
  • Do not approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop and the doors have opened.
  • Always stop, look and listen before approaching the school bus. Check to make sure opposing traffic has stopped before entering the roadway to board the bus.
  • During the bus ride, remain safely seated and facing forward. Remember, the school bus is an extension of the classroom, and appropriate manners and behavior are expected. Your bus driver has an important duty to keep students safe. By following the rules of the bus, you can help make it a safe and smooth trip!
  • For data and facts on school bus safety, please visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website.