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2020-2021 CFES Helpful Return Tips (10/12/20)


Helpful tips for families and students for returning to brick and mortar on October 12, 2020. 

Talk with your child about returning to school, encourage and share in the excitement. Talk about how the school might look and feel different based on the AM/PM schedule.  Discuss how students can practice safety for all by participating in social distancing, masking, hand washing, and not sharing items. Discuss with your child that classroom practices will be a little different.  Desk, for now, are in rows facing the front to allow for social distancing but teachers and staff will be there to help them learn and work in the classroom. Remind your child(ren) that they are safe and cared for at school and people are there to help.  Encourage your child(ren) to help them advocate for themselves if they have questions! Come up with unique ways for your child to express excitement and connection by air high fives, air hugs, toe taps, and thumbs-up signals. 

We know change takes time and can be emotional, but together we can make this next step a positive and safe transition.  Miss. Lisa Yackel, our school counselor, is here to help if you need any support during this transition time. 

Things families should know:

  • Self-check at home

    • Nurse information:

      • Please report any absences from school related to COVID-19 to the school nurse, and guidance for self-isolation/quarantining will be provided. 

      • Please report any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to the school nurse.  

      • Remind your child about the importance of immediately going to the nurse if feeling ill.   

      • Outlined in this link are recommendations for an illness/disease that may put someone at an increased risk. = If your child(ren) has one of these conditions please contact the nurse,  so daily temperature screenings can take place upon arrival to school near the library entrance.

      • Additional resources from the nurse:

  • Masking: Masks are required for all students - pack an extra one or two

    • Mask breaks outside will be provided

    • Have students practice wearing a mask if they are not used to wearing one for long periods of time

  • Instructional day 

Student Day



Student Drop Off Begins



Students Enter Homerooms



Instructional Day Begins







    • Special area instruction will occur in the homeroom classroom

    • Due to the AM/PM schedule, there will be no lunch, snack time, or recess 

      • Exceptions are for some students who may be in the building full day

  • Water fountains will be closed

    • Bring a water bottle

    • No-touch water bottle filling stations are available

  • Students will be seated at desk 6 feet apart all facing in the same direction

  • Mid-day cleaning procedures will occur between the AM/PM sessions

    • Classrooms and desks will be cleaned and sanitized

    • High touch areas will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the building

    • 4th and 5th-grade math classes will switch classrooms-desk cleaning procedures will be implemented

  • Bathrooms

    • Limited to social distancing capacity at any time

    • Some stalls/sinks are closed

    • Cleaned by custodial staff

  • Bring technology, including your charger and your device full charged back and forth to school each day 


Things students should know when they are at school:

  • Transportation - bus number or car rider number 

    • Arrival and dismissal will be in different locations 

      • Seating on the bus will be different - the driver will tell you how to load and unload the bus and where to sit 

        • all bus seats will be assigned 

    • Bus riders will exit buses one at a time and enter the school through the front main doors or the playground doors
      • Students who arrive early as car riders or waiting for dismissal will wait in the gym on social distancing markers 

        • Siblings will wait together 

  • Every day bring technology and chargers back and forth to school

    • Your device should be fully charged before school each day

  • Masks are required - pack an extra one or two, your teacher can help if you have trouble with your mask

  • Bring your water bottle if needed

  • The learning day is shorter so lunch, snack time, and recess will occur at home 

  • If you don’t feel well be sure to ask to go to the nurse

  • If you need help ask

  • You are safe, cared for, and we are excited to see you back school


When you are home learning:

  • Remember to log in on time when you are remote learning

  • Remember to do your asynchronous assignments each day

Here are some pictures of our school so you know what to expect:





We are ready for you and we can’t wait to have you back to school!