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"Another unique program being pioneered at Unionville: Lunch and Learn"


EAST MARLBOROUGH—A couple of years ago, Unionville-Chadds Ford School District pioneered a program that enabled high school and middle school students to start the school day later. A recent report has touted the benefits of the program, academic scores have increased, and more school districts in Chester County are considering implementing a delayed school start.

And now, Unionville High School, with its 1,400 students, has embarked on another first in Chester County which also may be duplicated by neighboring school districts. It’s called Lunch and Learn, and after just five weeks of implementation, students say they will never go back to the traditional lunch periods.

Here’s how it works. Students get an hour for lunch, but they can use that time as they please. Some play basketball, ping pong or foosball. Others utilize the time to brush up on exams. Others work on school projects or makeup tests in the testing center. Still, others schedule one-on-one time with their teacher, which would have had to be done after school under the previous lunch period.

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UHS Principal walking around Lunch and Learn and students eating at picnic tables in the background