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Chief Coker Visits Unionville High School

Chief Coker of the Lenape Indian Tribe visited Unionville High School to speak with students about his culture and its history. He told stories of the different clans in the tribe and what they were each known for.  He also shared information about native plants that were important to his people and what they were used for.  

Students asked questions about how they specifically can honor the history of the Lenape Tribe.  Chief Coker encouraged students to be more aware of the land around them and take steps to improve how we care for our land such as using more local products and resources and taking the time to appreciate and connect with nature.  

This visit is part of a project that the district has been working on in partnership with Longwood Gardens to follow through on our commitment to honor the Lenape in respectful ways.  The goal is to work with Longwood to create indigenous gardens that our students can learn from and that will honor the history of the Lenape in our community.