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Featured Article | reengineering the conflict: STEM in the English classroom

Take a look at the featured article which was published in the Technology and Engineering Teacher, which is the flagship publication of the International Technology and Engineering Education Association.

reengineering the conflict:
STEM in the English classroom

The project is a humanities incorporation of STEM foundation concepts.

by Daniel Lipowitz and Michael Berkeihiser

At Unionville High School in Kennett Square, PA, humanities teacher Daniel Lipowitz has partnered with engineering teacher Michael Berkeihiser and other STEM teachers to put the humanities (H) in “SHTEM.” Sophomore English students were asked to re-engineer the conflict in common works of literature and then design a prototype solution to their new conflicts.

While analysis and interpretation are vital skills for all levels and grades, the task facing the tenth graders was to discuss literature from a different perspective, shifting the sophomore students’ approach upward on the critical-thinking hierarchy from analysis and interpretation to synthesis and evaluation. With the STEM tide rolling across the educational seascape, the students’ objective was to offer a blend—a “SHTEM”—a concoction of STEM with just the right mix of Humanities, differentiated instruction, and critical thinking.