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FOCUS Presents: A Parent Guide to Childhood Trauma

Please join FOCUS for a presentation for adults in our community on childhood trauma by Beth Tyson, MA on Wednesday, October 12 from 7-8:30 via Zoom (REGISTER HERE)

Here is the presenter's summary of her topic:

Childhood trauma is prevalent in our society.  The pandemic, school violence, medical trauma, family separation, bullying, poverty, racism, and political unrest are all examples of potential traumas that we face every day. 

For years we’ve believed that something was wrong with us when we suffered from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.  We now know that these involuntary physiological responses typically tie back to traumatic events in a person’s life.  

 In this workshop on Childhood Trauma, you will be introduced to this concept, and how to begin the healing process.