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FOCUS Presents: Healthy Technology Use

FOCUS invites parents to attend a presentation on:

Healthy Technology Use

Join us on Wednesday, May 11 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM via Zoom for this presentation by Elizabeth Milovidov, Digital Parenting Coach, on Healthy Technology Use for our Children.

Topics for the evening include:

  • Healthy technology habits for youth
  • Helping our children identify and avoid tech and social media addiction
  • Persuasive design - why it is hard to put down our tech
  • Advice to parents giving kids their first phone


Elizabeth Milovidov's Work: 
Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov is a lawyer from California, a law professor in Paris, France and a former Digital Safety Consultant in Europe. She researches solutions to empower parents to guide children in the digital age. Founder of Digitalem, a website and community with resources and strategies for parents, she has consulted for the Council of Europe, Microsoft, Instagram and Family Online Safety Institute. She is an international speaker on digital parenting, safety, and wellbeing and her work has been featured in OZY, WSJ, BBC, France 24, Internet Matters and other media outlets and organizations focused on child online safety.


First page of the PDF file: FOCUSHealthyTech_May2022