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FOCUS Hosts 2019 UCFSD PAYS Presentation
FOCUS Hosts - PAYS (Pennsylvania Youth Survey) Presentation
Since 1989, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has conducted a biennial survey of youth in the 6th, 8th,10th, and 12th grades to gather information about their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors towards alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use to help communities address root causes of antisocial behavior.
PAYS(Pennsylvania Youth Survey) Presentation is a primary tool in Pennsylvania’s prevention approach of using data to drive decision making. By looking not just at rates of problem behaviors but also at the root causes of those behaviors, PAYS allows schools and communities to address reasons (such as a lack of commitment to school) rather than only looking at the symptoms after the fact (like poor grades). This approach has been repeatedly shown in national research studies to be the most effective in helping youth develop into healthy, productive members of their society. Speaker: Jacquelyn Taylor, Executive Director from The COAD Group (Chester County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services)