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Health and Safety Plan Guide to Reopen Schools & FAQs

This guide is a summary of the larger Health and Safety Plan and outlines some of the mitigation measures we will take to allow school in-person instruction to occur in our buildings while balancing the health and safety needs of our students and staff. Additionally, included are the education models we are recommending to maximize in-person education while maintaining proper safety protocols.  No set of mitigation protocols will totally eliminate the risks of infection with COVID-19. Administration is dedicated to continuing to monitor and adjust our plan based on new information and changing dynamics.

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Proposed Health and Safety Instructional Plan FAQ


Last Revised 9/14/20


Why do we have a new recommendation for elementary students, the AB AM/PM model? We have this new recommendation because of the following:

  • Allows for pre-1st through 5th grade to have in-person instruction in ELA, Math, and either SS/SCI/Special every day.  The previous plan only allowed for K-3 to be in every day.

  • Significant cost savings from the previous plan as there is no need to hire an additional 21 teachers to get most elementary students in-person instruction.

  • Students remain with current homeroom teachers with whom they’ve already begun to develop a connection. 

  • Reduces the amount of screen time required for students

  • Meets the Chester County Health Department health and safety guidelines

  • Avoids the need for students to remote into instruction, unless students choose to do that.

  • Reduces the number of time students need to wear a mask each day

  • It may be disruptive to family schedules, however, an alternating day schedule would be as well


Can my child still remote in with the new elementary plan?

Yes, they can still remote in if they choose.  This has not changed.


What will the asynchronous part of the instructional day consist of?

Asynchronous instruction will consist of Science, Social Studies, and Specials. Though all of these areas will have some synchronous instruction as well. There will also be some follow-up work or preparation work for Math and ELA. Support services will be provided at that time as well which will be synchronous. This could include services such as gifted, reading support, speech, OT/PT, and additional special education supports.


How will synchronous support services be scheduled during the asynchronous time?

Synchronous services will be scheduled directly by providers with students and families to ensure students receive the necessary support services during the school day.

Can I request that my child be in the AM or PM group?

Requests claiming hardship will be considered, but ultimately the decision for AM/PM will be made by the school?


Why can’t kindergarten students come in every day?

To provide 6 feet of social distancing kindergarten classes need to be divided in half. Therefore they need to come in at different times. The only way we could have them come in at the same time would be to hire eleven new teachers and rework classes, reassigning students to new teachers. We are not recommending this.


When will I learn what group my child is in?

No later than October 5th if we are able to start with this plan on October 12.


What would elementary transportation look like for students going home at 11:50, and students coming into school at 1:00? 

To the degree possible, buses will drop off the AM students at home, then loop back around to pick up the PM group. Transportation staff will do the best they can to get to school on time. In cases where there isn’t enough time to do a double route, buses will drop off the AM students and pick up with PM students at the same time. AM students will sit towards the front and the PM students will move to the back. With one to a seat, to the degree possible, and with siblings sitting together. Because of the estimated small group of students riding the bus, mitigation measures between runs will be efficient.


How will classrooms be disinfected between the AM and PM groups? 

Students will use different desks in the PM from the AM. Between the sessions, the high touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected. Other areas or materials in the classroom will be disinfected as needed.




When will I learn what group my child is in?

No later than October 5th. 

How will the schedule change when we go to the AB/CD/EF plan as compared to the remote learning plan?

Your child’s classes will remain the same.  The only differences will be that A) you will attend class in person on your assigned days and participate in live, synchronous remote instruction for your classes on the other days and B) classes will all be 45 minutes.  C) In-person students will have a scheduled lunch period (Lunch and Learn).


Can I request that my child be placed in a specific group?

Requests claiming hardship will be considered, but ultimately the decision will be made by the school to balance out the number of students in-person each day.  Allowances will be made for blended families whose last names do not correspond to the alphabetical range used to determine the groupings.


How will the remote learning work on the days my child is not in person?

Students will log into their teachers' Zoom room at the assigned time to begin class.  Students will participate in class remotely while the teacher manages instruction for the entire class.


All Grades

Will it be safe for my child to return to school in person in October?

Any return to school plan will come with some inherent risk. We do have many mitigation measures in place to help keep or students and staff safe, however, we will not open schools for in-person learning unless:

  • COVID - 19 metrics provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Chester County Health Department support in-person instruction.

  • COVID - 19 numbers in our school district remain low and/or are stable or trending down.