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Health and Safety Plan Update

Dear Parents, Staff, and Students:

In about two weeks school opens - and like you - we are working to get everything ready to go. On Monday the School Board will vote on the Health and Safety Plan for the 2021-2022 school year. The plan is comprehensive and addresses virtually every contingency that may arise.  

Our goal is to provide full-day -  in-person instruction for all students K-12.  Normal instructional activities including breakfast and lunch will be provided.  For students who opt to attend online classes, the UCFVA is available.

The success of our plan is reliant upon the continuation of mitigation measures including masking (on district transportation and as required inside), increased air exchanges and improved ventilation, HEPA filters, social distancing, assurance testing, handwashing, and respiratory etiquette. 

Quarantining will be implemented as determined by the Chester County Health Department.  The guidelines include close contact with an infected individual and there are exceptions based on vaccination and mask-wearing status.

We will make every attempt to provide students with the most ‘normal’ in-school experience possible.  There will be re-entry and transition plans and activities in each building to help everyone reconnect.  It has been a long time since we were in school, in person, at the start of the year.  We will make sure that everyone is comfortable and welcomed.

The chart below will be the guideline for mask-wearing.

Transmission Chart 8.14.2021

Recently a colleague described August as the “Sunday of summer” and if that is true -  it is now late afternoon Sunday.  Back-to-school excitement is in the air. We appreciate it and know that this year there are additional considerations beyond school supplies and schedules.  The combined efforts of families and staff will be the key to district-wide success.  Thanks for your support. 


John Sanville


Below are some FAQs based on feedback to my letter of last week -  including links with additional information.


How does quarantine work with the new CDC rules?


Will UCFSD run a regular instructional program and schedule?

  • Yes. We will have a  full-day, in-person instructional program for all students K-12.  We will run our normal instructional schedules and provide breakfast and lunch in school each day.


Is there a cyber option?

  • Yes. The Unionville Chadds Ford Virtual Academy (UCFVA) is available again this year as an  Online Educational Option - link to register.


What are the details on masking?

  • Masks are required for all staff and students while on the school bus - this is mandated by the CDC. (See a summary of the CDC masking order attached here);
  • See the chart above as to when masking is either optional, recommended, or required indoors.
    • When masks are required, all staff, students, and visitors will wear masks indoors while on school property, school field trips, or when using school vehicles unless they have a documented medical condition that would prevent the wearing of a mask except in special circumstances related to student needs or special activities (e.g. PE, Athletics, eating/drinking in the cafeteria).
  • When outside masking is optional.


What if my child has to quarantine because of COVID-19 - will the district continue to provide instruction?


What mitigation strategies will the district employ to keep everyone safe?

  • We have a mitigation plan in place that we know works. Most notably there are air purifiers in every classroom and our HVAC system is running at higher rates with new filters. We are getting 6-7 air exchanges an hour – and that is hospital grade air quality;
  • Other highlights include social distancing (3 ft minimum in the classroom), Assurance Testing, promoting handwashing and providing hand sanitizer stations, and continuing to promote respiratory etiquette.
  • Click here to view our full Health and Safety Plan that includes our mitigation program


I am worried about my child’s social and emotional health - what will the district do to address these needs?

  • We are committed to supporting the social-emotional needs of both students and staff - we recognize how the pandemic has impacted our community as a whole and individuals in varied ways. We are prepared to provide support as needed.
  • Re-entry and transition plans and activities will be developed in each building for students and staff to reconnect with the school and each other.
  • The district has employed additional behavioral health team members - including social workers - to meet student and staff needs.