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Interpreting COVID-19 Data for UCFSD

Dear UCF Community, 

During the August School Board Meeting, the District announced that we will be partnering with Dr. Salwa Sulieman to provide us with guidance on interpreting COVID-19 data and metrics related to our instructional model (virtual, hybrid, or fully in-person).  Dr. Sulieman is a Pediatric Infectious Diseases physician at Nemours/AI Dupont Hospital for Children. Each week, Dr. Sulieman will analyze the data put out by national, regional and local Health Departments, the CDC, CHOP, and Johns Hopkins University and provide us with a comprehensive report on how the metrics impact our community.  We will share these findings with our community in a weekly email. 

Dr. Sulieman’s guidance will be instrumental as we make decisions moving forward. The Chester County Health Department (CCHD) recommended that districts begin the school year virtually through October 9, 2020.  Without any further guidance from the CCHD and no mention of an extension to their virtual recommendation at this time, we will rely on Dr. Sulieman’s reports to guide us in our decision process of when to allow students back in our buildings for in-person instruction.  

Our hope is to start with our hybrid instructional model, which includes students returning for in-person instruction on October 12, 2020. To allow staff and families to prepare for this transition, we will make the decision at least two weeks in advance based on Dr. Sulieman’s most recent report.   

Dr. Sulieman will deliver her first report tonight (9/14) during the School Board Work Session at 7:00 PM.  We encourage you to tune in to hear her first report and learn about the data she will be providing us with each week. Her report will be at the beginning of tonight’s meeting. To watch live, please click the link below:

September Work Session - Dr. Sulieman Report

If you are unable to watch the work session live, a recording of Dr. Sulieman’s report will be posted tomorrow on our Staying Safe Together website.  


Kind Regards,

John Sanville