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It's Game Time!


Our golf and tennis teams have started official contests this week and are off to a great start. Tonight, we open our stadium for the first time this school year and are looking forward to welcoming students, staff, families, and members of our community. We welcome everyone to our campus to witness the hard work, talents, and dedication of our athletes and coaches. We ask our entire community to join us in promoting a safe, respectful and positive environment here at UCF, one that reflects our Athletic Values and Standards. This note contains spectator rules and reminders for the upcoming year.

Be a fan! - Our student-athletes need your positive support and encouragement. Be a fan regardless of the ups and downs. Be a fan of our coaches as well. “Fanness” is the universal way of motivating and inspiring others to succeed!


  • Tickets are sold at all night contests held in our stadium and gymnasium.  Traditionally, there is no admission fee for morning and afternoon contests.  In the event that tickets will be sold for morning or afternoon contests, an announcement will be made prior to the event.     

  • With the exception of football, there is no admission fee for UCFSD students and staff, school board directors, children in kindergarten or younger, and/or senior citizens (age 65).  Ticket prices for all other adults is $5, and $3 for non-UCFSD students in grades 1-12. 

  • For football games, there is no admission fee for UCFSD staff, school board directors, children in kindergarten or younger, and/or senior citizens.  All students in grades 1-12 and adults will be charged $5 for admission to the game. 

  • Official complimentary passes will be accepted from the District One committee and the leagues by which visiting schools are sanctioned. 

  • PIAA and District One have jurisdiction over ticket sales for all playoff events.  Admission is charged for all spectators, except children in kindergarten or younger.  This includes afternoon and evening games in both the stadium and gymnasium.


Campus Guidelines for Athletic Events

  • Smoking, drugs, and/or alcohol are not permitted on school property.

  • Please do not park in fire lanes or unmarked parking spaces.

  • The principal, director of student activities, athletic directors, game manager, coaches, team physician, athletic trainer, players in uniform, managers, ball holders, statisticians, and authorized press will be the only persons permitted on the team sidelines. 

  • Student-spectators are not allowed on the field before, during, or after the game.

  • Dogs or other animals are not permitted inside of the stadium, with the exception of service animals.

  • Food and/or drinks are not permitted inside the gymnasium.


UCFSD Stadium Rules Specific to Football

  • No bags, food and drinks will be permitted into the stadium.  Small purses or clutch bags are allowed but will be subject to inspection.

  • Re-entry into the stadium is not permitted.

  • Loitering in the parking lot during the game is prohibited.


Health and Safety Plan

  • In accordance with the current UCFSD health and safety plan and Chester County COVID-19 transmission levels, all spectators for indoor contests must wear a mask. Masking is optional for outdoor contests. We do ask everybody to stay home if sick.

  • Please note, The CDC recommends that people who are not fully vaccinated wear a mask in crowded outdoor settings that involve sustained close contact with other people who are not fully vaccinated.


For more information about the PIAA spectator decorum, please visit page 18 of the athletics handbook. For a list of athletics contests please visit the 2021-22 UCFSD Game Schedule. We hope to see you on campus this year showing your fanness...always rooting, clapping, and cheering for our teams!


Go U!

Pat Crater

Director of Student Activities

Kendall Yarosh

Athletic Director

Pat Clark

Athletic Director