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Message from Dr. Sanville | Start of School and Potential Impact of Ida


Well, it is so wonderful to be writing about a great first day of school! Everyone - students and staff - reveled in the simple joys of seeing each other. The positive energy was palpable. I am thrilled we were able to get some of that in-person magic back.  

Now we are in the second day and everything is going well. The initial excitement is giving way to focusing on new things to learn, practice, see, and create. We are in full swing. 

If only Mother Nature would agree that a full five-day week would be best. Alas, Hurricane Ida is moving our way bringing substantial rain and that could be problematic. As we are a sprawling district that crosses many rivers and streams in two counties as well as Route 1 - a storm like Ida poses unique challenges including road closures and power outages. 

Thus we are preparing for a potential Flexible Instructional Day (FID) or even days!  By doing this we avoid adding a day to the calendar in June … and given that it is the first week (and not knowing what winter will bring) this is a good option to exercise. No decisions have been made - but let’s be prepared.

Students will take their devices home with them today and teachers will send any materials home that may be needed. Please review our FIDs Quick View for an overview of what to expect if a FID needs to be used.

Enjoy the tales from school and stay tuned for updates. 


John Sanville

PS - This is not our first rodeo when it comes to hurricanes during the first week of school. This photo was from my first day as superintendent!




First page of the PDF file: FIDS