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Neha Potla, UHS Senior at TCHS, Published in Scientific Journal

Neha Potla, a senior at Unionville High School in the Chester County Technical College High School (TCHS) Brandywine Campus’ Allied Health program is using her passion for the medical field to make a difference in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.  

Potla co-wrote two papers that have been published in scientific journals within the past year. Her most recent paper, which was published in the International Journal of Emergency Medicine, is a systematic review regarding stroke and thrombolytics in the brain. Potla worked with Dr. Latha Ganti, a professor at the University of Central Florida and specialist in stroke and emergency medicine, to conduct case studies of one of Ganti’s patients. “Dr. Ganti and I collaborated over the course of one year and were able to dissect information, review biases and get to the core of the patient’s story,” she said, adding, “The patient was not properly diagnosed for nearly 12 years, so we reached out to her and made her aware of what we were doing. With the systematic review on thrombolytics we conducted, we were able to figure out that a new medication was more effective than the one she was taking. We’re hoping that our findings will impact the medical field in terms of what medication is prioritized for these patients.”  

The systematic review written by Potla and Dr. Ganti can be found by visiting: 

 Her other paper, which she also co-wrote with Dr. Ganti, is a case study about a 53-year-old postmenopausal woman who had pelvic congestion syndrome, a chronic condition that typically affects premenopausal females who have given birth to multiple children. The paper discusses the symptoms and findings shown on computed tomography (CT) and ultrasonography and it examines the causes the prognosis. The full paper can be viewed here: 

Potla is currently in the process of applying to and interviewing for medical school at multiple universities and hopes to attend Brown University in the fall. “Initially, I was thinking about going into nephrology, but TCHS’ Allied Health program has opened my eyes to a lot more opportunities because I’m able to shadow doctors in different departments each week. The program also provides experience beyond just medicine. I’m learning about biomedical engineering and chemistry and have the opportunity to shadow doctors in labs as well,” said Potla.

To learn more about TCHS Brandywine or its Allied Health program, visit:

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