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Patton MiniTHON 2022 - A Huge Success

Patton MiniTHON this weekend was a HUGE success. Patton students raised $24,454 in just a few weeks! 

“We could not have done it without the help of all of the adults that volunteered to chaperone, spread the word, donated food items, or sent us good wishes. A special thanks to Steve Dissinger, Jessica Knier and James Smith for supporting and letting me run with this event and Laurie Palic for energizing and organizing the Patton student council and hanging out with me all night,” commented Ms. Faith Dilworth, Unionville Mini-THON Advisor.

The lessons that both the Patton and UHS students learned by participating in this event are immeasurable. The event was a true testament to community and the power of student leadership. 

Many thanks to everyone that helped make this event a spectacular one!