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Patton Virtual Orchestra Concert

Patton Middle School Orchestra students were able to come “together” in song thanks to their teacher Ms. Heather Dice. At the end of last school year, students individually recorded themselves performing musical numbers at home that they would otherwise have performed together in concert. To help them along, Ms. Dice provide each student with a video of herself conducting each number.  She collected the students' recordings, edited them together, and created a virtual concert showing the students playing together. The finished product took the entire summer to produce and gave students that final moment of musical pride that comes with an end of the year performance. 

The theme of the concert was “Our Heritage through Orchestra.” The selection of songs was based on the students’ heritage and familial backgrounds.  In addition to learning the musical numbers, students learned about their classmates' cultures, new countries, favorite family traditions, foods and other fun facts.  

Ms. Dice stated, “We were all disheartened when we learned that an in-person concert would no longer be possible. I did my best to still give them the concert experience that they deserved. I am so proud of their accomplishments!” 

Congratulations to our talented students!