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Plan to Discuss UHS Mascot

Dear UCFSD Community, 

In light of recent conversations in our community,  the District will be asking the School Board to consider a motion to conduct a formal review of the UHS mascot.  

While the mascot is just one facet of a much larger conversation, it is something that we feel we can address over the summer while continuing to have meaningful conversations around other areas where we can improve upon diversity and racial injustice within our school community.   

Concerns with the UHS mascot have been presented to the District several times over the years. Equally, community members have expressed their desire to keep the mascot. The current climate and changes in our student demographics compel us to re-examine this topic through a thoughtful process. 

During the School Board Meeting scheduled for July 13, 2020, the District will outline their recommended review process, which will include research and input from students, staff, community, and alumni.   

If the formal review process is approved, the District will move forward with hosting several virtual community conversations to engage students, staff, community, and alumni on the topic of the UHS mascot. More information on how to participate in the community conversations will be shared following the board vote on July 13.  For those not able to participate in a virtual conversation, there are additional venues to share feedback with the District.  

The feedback gathered from these community conversations, along with information curated through research and expert guidance will be shared with the School Board at their meeting on August 17, 2020.  The District will present their final recommendation for board vote on August 24, 2020.   

No decisions have been made. This is an open process in which we are encouraging our community to participate.  We value the varying points of view from our students, staff, community, and alumni and hope that this open and transparent process if approved, will provide a clear path forward.  

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.