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Presidential history expert shares knowledge with UHS AP Government students

Presidential history expert and member of the UCFSD community presented to UHS students in Ms. Brigance AP Government classes on Feb. 17 in advance of Presidents Day.  

Walter Eckman is the author of the book, “Meet the Presidents.” A Chester County native, he has spent years researching the personal lives of U.S. presidents and traveled thousands of miles to visit presidential libraries, birthplaces, homesteads, and gravesites.

During his visit to the AP Government Classes, Walter described that his interest in presidential history began when his grandfather took him to a Harry S. Truman campaign rally. He continued to share stories highlighting the connections that exist between different U.S. Presidents.

Students also had the opportunity to ask Walter questions. Some of the questions included:

“Who in your opinion is the most effective president?”

Answer: George Washington

“Who is your favorite modern era president?”

Answer: Ronald Reagan

“Who would you say is the worst president [of all time]?”

Answer: Andrew Johnson

“What is your favorite presidential fact?”

Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt holds a record for being elected for four presidential terms

“What would you say is the most important quality to have as a president?”

Answer: Charisma

This was a great opportunity for the UHS students from Ms. Brigance AP Government classes to hear stories about U.S. presidents from a knowledgeable member of the UCFSD community.