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School Board Renews Contract with Superintendent Dr. Sanville

On March 15, 2021, the Unionville-Chadds Ford School Board approved a contract with Dr. John Sanville to serve as Superintendent of Schools for an additional five years effective January 2022.  In June, Dr. Sanville will have completed his tenth year as Superintendent of Unionville-Chadds Ford School District (UCFSD). An achievement in itself as the average tenure for superintendents in PA is four years.

“It is rare to retain such an outstanding superintendent for this length of time,” stated Jeff Hellrung, School Board President. “We are certainly pleased that Dr. Sanville continues to want to serve the students and community of UCFSD and we could not be more confident that he continues to be the best person for the job.” 

During negotiations, the Board’s goal included retaining Dr. Sanville, rewarding his outstanding performance, and being fair to the community by being fiscally responsible. 

Highlights of the contract include a five-year term effective January 24, 2022, a pay freeze for the 2022-23 school year, pay increases in the final four years of the contract at the Act 1 Index if his performance is rated at proficient or above, and retention of the benefits in his current contract. The contract agreement with Dr. Sanville is posted on BoardDocs for public review.

“By approving this contract, we are accomplishing our most important and most impactful responsibility which is attracting and retaining an outstanding Superintendent,” stated Hellrung. “We look forward to five more years of empowering our students to succeed in life and contribute to society under Dr. Sanville's leadership.”

Dr. Sanville’s strong leadership can be felt throughout the community, county, and state from his many efforts to provide an exceptional educational experience for UCFSD students to his work on campaigns such as school start time and most recently his response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Sanville has led the way to position UCFSD as a premier school district in the state with UCFSD schools consistently earning top performance ratings for academic achievement. Additionally, he was nominated for Superintendent of the Year in PA this school year and was selected as runner-up by the PA Association of School Administrators.

Based on annual performance reviews, Dr. Sanville has served UCFSD students, staff and the community as Superintendent with great distinction since September 1, 2011, earning an exemplary rating throughout his tenure. 

In Dr. Sanville’s most recent evaluation, School Board Directors noted that Dr. Sanville has established himself as a leader amongst his peers through his mentorship of newly appointed superintendents and his appointments to various state-level boards and committees. They added, his forward-thinking and readiness for the pandemic response led to a seamless transition to virtual instruction and the development of several health and safety plans that were used as examples throughout the state.

Additionally, the Board noted that the maneuvering required this school year due to COVID-19 was tremendous and Dr. Sanville could foresee the District’s requirements so that the District was never placed in a difficult financial decision-making position. They commended Dr. Sanville for completely revising the budget with a 0% tax increase at a very late point in the budget timetable with no impact on the education delivery or financial credit rating.

“It has been my distinct honor to serve this incredible school district as superintendent for the past ten years,” stated Sanville. “I appreciate the School Board’s confidence and I look forward to continuing to provide consistent, results-driven leadership to the staff, students, and community of UCFSD for an additional five years. I would also like to thank my bride Debbie, who makes me better every day and whose unwavering support is at the center of all my success.”