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Success for All: Partnership - Community Organizations and UCFSD

With few community buildings in the area, our facilities often serve as a community center.  We encourage the community to use our facilities, indoor or outdoor. Learn more about how we partner with KAU, URA, and many other local groups.

Interview with Rick Hostetler

In a recent interview with Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Rick Hostetler he spoke about the use of the facilities by the community.

"Well first and foremost we really do encourage use of our facilities. We are the community center. There's not other community buildings around. So we are a community center and we encourage the community to use our facilities--whether it be indoor or outdoor facilities. We have a facility scheduling software program that we use and by going online with the scheduling software they can see what's available, they can request the use of a given space for a given time, and then we have an approval process that we go through to approve any of those requests.

"Our facilities are used extremely heavily. The high school auditorium has become a very popular venue and it is used most weeks throughout the year. We do have a number of outside groups that use it and unfortunately we occasionally have to turn someone away because it is so heavily used.

"Our gymnasiums are booked virtually every day and every weekend throughout the winter during basketball and wrestling season. Every day, every gym, every night of the week, every Saturday, and  some Sundays. Our fields are usually the same way. We have very heavy field use in spring and fall with the various sports programs-between our sports programs and the community programs, such as URA and Southern Chester County Soccer (both of whom we have a great working relationship with they are wonderful to work with). But our fields are virtually used every day."

UCFSD is proud to partner with community organizations, below are just three of local community organizations we support.



The Unionville Recreation Association (URA), uses fields throughout the district.  URA offers a variety of sports programs throughout the entire calendar year supporting children throughout the area.

All programs are recreational in nature (everyone makes a team), there are many that offer select or travel type experiences for that more competitive player, or perhaps the player that just wants to expand their season.  Many programs also offer off season type clinics and training to help keep players focused on the sports they love and wish to sharpen their skills on.

A long-time friend of the Unionville Chadds-Ford School District and user of its many fields and gyms, URA is donating $46,570 to the school district so it can replace aging softball and baseball scoreboards.   


Kennett Symphony

Founded in 1940, the symphony's mission is to: Present a wide range of symphonic music at an affordable price to entertain and enrich the lives of the audience, educate young and underserved audiences and provide opportunities for young artists and capable musicians to perform.  In addition to the six annual concerts, the Kennett Symphony features community outreach programs and an annual instrumental and a vocal performance competition for young artists. 


Chesco Pops

The Chesco Pops presented its Inaugural Concert Series in September, 2005 to county-wide acclaim. Subsequent concert series in the summer of 2006 and the winter and summer of 2007 brought the Chesco Pops to venues in Caln, Coatesville, Longwood, Oxford, Phoenixville, West Chester and West Goshen. Unionville and Willow Street were added to that list in 2013. The orchestra’s Board of Directors and Volunteer Alliance are pleased to remain true to the mission of the Chesco Pops.

The Chesco Pops is comprised of 65 talented and dedicated musicians from all over the County and all walks of life. These instrumental music makers have something very important in common: Performing the pops, jazz and light-classic repertoire is their greatest pleasure.

The community uses district spaces for club meetings, entertainment and sporting events.  Each year we host about 400 community events.