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SURVEY: Y Care for UCFSD Elementary Families

Dear Elementary Families, 

UCFSD is working with the YMCA to provide care for our students when we move to a hybrid model on October 12.  At this point, the location of the program is not yet confirmed.  It is possible there will be some space in the school buildings, however, with the need to social distance, there is not a lot of extra classroom space that would force us to provide care off-site at the YMCA or another location.

Every effort will be made to accommodate as many children as possible.

We need to get an idea of how many families might be interested in Y Care during the school day hours (when the children are not in their classroom with their teacher) and also for the before and aftercare hours.  If you are interested in using Y Care for your child(ren), please complete this brief survey by Sunday, October 4. This information will be very helpful as we work with the YMCA to finalize plans. Thank you.