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UCFSD COVID-19 Metrics Update #20

Dear UCF Community, 

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and the opportunity to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Today we welcomed middle school and high school students back for in-person learning in a hybrid A/B instructional model. We are thrilled to see our secondary students back in the classrooms. We are encouraged that this new instructional model paired with our layered mitigation measures will provide a positive learning and social-emotional experience for our students and staff. 

Over the weekend, we met with Dr. Sulieman who presented her weekly analysis of the COVID-19 metrics. Click here to see the report. Important key takeaways include: 

  • Chester County positivity rates have decreased from 11.1% to 10.0%;
  • Chester County has seen a weekly decrease in incidence rate per 100,000 from 278.7 to 254.7;
  • Projected incidence rates per 100,000 - in the next month - show a possible plateau or slight increase in Chester County cases;
  • The UCF community had an increase from 41 to 47;
  • UCF has seen 58 cases (students and staff) this year with 20 over the past four weeks;
  • Vaccine administration for priority group 1A in Chester County continues and we are working with the CCHD to host a vaccination clinic at UCFSD for the next priority group 1B - which includes Educators/Education Staff.   

The numbers over the last four weeks have been relatively stable and projections indicate a plateau with some numbers even showing a slight decrease.  We are hopeful that this trend continues over the coming weeks. 

With all grade levels back in our buildings we feel optimistic about what the future may hold - we are also realistic. Just today, we were notified of a positive case at Hillendale Elementary. This is their second case since January 10. Although the cases are unrelated, per the PA Department of Health mandate, schools the size of Hillendale with two or more positive cases during a 14 day rolling period must close 3-7 days for deep cleaning, disinfecting, and contact tracing. 

As a community we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to protect our students, staff and our learning environments.  We must use good judgement and make responsible decisions.  It takes a village - we can do this!

Thank you for your cooperation.    

Kind regards

John Sanville