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UCFSD COVID-19 Metrics Update #29

Dear UCF Community, 

In addition to this week’s COVID-19 metrics, I’ll be sharing new guidance from the CDC as well as a couple of reminders as we look ahead to spring break next week.  

Over the weekend, we met with Dr. Sulieman to review her weekly analysis of COVID-19 metrics.  See the latest report here. Key takeaways include: 

  • Chester County positivity rates increased from 4.3% to 5.6%;
  • Chester County has seen a weekly increase in incidence rate per 100,000 from 73.5 to 94.1;
  • The UCF community had an increase from 9 to 13;
  • Models interpretations indicate a plateau in cases in Chester County through mid April;
  • UCF has seen 88 cases (students and staff) this year with 12 over the past four weeks;
  • As of Sunday, nearly 100% of UCF staff interested in receiving the vaccine have been vaccinated - a few remaining staff members are scheduled to receive the vaccine this week.   

The slight increase in the metrics is disappointing - and with spring break around the corner - we will keep a close eye on the numbers. We are cautiously optimistic and still believe in the models - which are still indicating a decline in cases in April and a steady decline continuing through May and June. 

On March 19 the CDC released new guidance for schools recommending at least 3 feet between students in classrooms. This recommendation now matches the social distance guidance from the Chester County Health Department we have been following as part of our return to in-person instruction.

As a reminder, please review the new regulations from the CDC related to international travel prior to any spring break travel plans. We ask all of our families traveling internationally to follow these new regulations.

Additionally, we urge our families and staff to please stay committed to all mitigation measures. Whether you are traveling or spending time with family this spring break - now is not the time to relax mitigation strategies when outside of school.  I appreciate your continued efforts. 

Kind Regards, 


John Sanville