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UCFSD COVID-19 Metrics Update #32

Dear UCF Community, 

This week I’ll be sharing the latest metrics released by Chester County. While Dr. Sulieman is unable to provide her weekly report this week, we continue to be in touch with her on a regular basis as we navigate COVID-19.  Her guidance and support have been an important resource for us and we look forward to her next report during our School Board Work Session on May 10th.  We continue to monitor transmission rates in Chester County and our community on a daily basis.  Key takeaways from this week’s metrics include: 

This is our fourth week with numbers in the very high transmission rate. We carefully review the numbers each week and consult with the CCHD and our medical advisors - we continue to feel our schools and classrooms are safe for students and staff.  From the very beginning, we have diligently followed the CCHD guidance and we continue to do so. We are able to remain open because of our layered mitigation efforts - these efforts have been endorsed by the Chester County Health Department as effective ways to mitigate COVID-19 during in-person instruction.  

Over the past year, we have learned a lot about COVID-19 - adjusting our health and safety plan along the way in order to keep our students and staff safe.  While cases have increased, we have seen that in-person instruction can be safe and successful due to the totality of our mitigation measures. The fact that we have only one possible case of linked transmission in our schools tells us that we are doing a good job of keeping everyone safe.   

As I mentioned in my letter last week - we will stay the course and maintain the current schedule and educational model at this time. We make this decision with input from healthcare professionals and guidance from the CCHD. Of course, if we see increased cases and linked transmission in our schools we will work with the CCHD to reevaluate our position.  

It’s hard to believe there are only eight weeks left in the school year.  I know many of you are looking forward to putting this year behind us - but we still have a lot of work to do. End-of-the-year events including prom, graduation, final athletic competitions, and grade level transitions are all things we look forward to - and with mitigation efforts can conduct safely. 

Our time in school is both short and precious - let’s finish the year strong - and do it with everyone’s safety in mind! 

Kind Regards, 

John Sanville