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UCFSD COVID-19 Metrics Update #37

Dear UCF Community, 

This week I’ll be sharing the latest metrics released by Chester County and updates on CDC and PA Department of Health Guidance.  Over the weekend, we met with Dr. Sulieman to go over her weekly analysis of the latest data and guidance - see her latest report here.  Key takeaways from this week’s metrics include: 

  • Chester County positivity rates decreased from 5.6% to 3.8%;
  • Chester County has seen a decrease in incidence rate per 100,000 from 86.1 to 47.2;
  • The UCF community had a slight increase from 12 to 17;
  • UCF has seen 146 cases (students and staff) this year with 19 over the past four weeks;
  • Our students 16+ years of age are getting vaccinated - many have already received their first dose within the last two weeks;
  • There are several opportunities for our students 12 to 15 years of age to receive the Pfizer vaccine - including our mobile clinic being held here tomorrow, May 18 (first dose) and June 9 (second dose) -  click here to register.

Last Thursday, the CDC announced that fully vaccinated individuals – two weeks after their final dose – can resume activities they did prior to the pandemic without wearing a mask or physical distancing.  With this announcement came questions as to what this means for schools. Subsequently, the CDC, Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), and the Chester County County Health Department (CCHD) have stated that school districts should continue to follow their current mitigation strategies and instructional models.  

Based on these recommendations and guidance - we will continue with our current health and safety plan. This will include masking for the remainder of the school year except when participating in high exertion activities outdoors. We will also continue to be in close contact with the CCHD - and are ready to adjust should the public health guidance change. 

I know that many of us look forward to a mask-free future - but right now - with just four weeks of school left - we stay the course.  COVID-19 numbers are decreasing significantly each week - things are looking much better.  All of this new guidance and the rolling back of mitigation measures will certainly impact how we approach the next school year. As will the fact that many of our middle and high school students will be vaccinated. I am hopeful that based on recent numbers, shifts in guidance, and vaccine accessibility - we can expect a school year that looks more normal in the fall.  

Kind Regards, 

John Sanville