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UCFSD COVID-19 Metrics Update #6

Dear UCF Community, 

This week begins week two of in-person instruction for our elementary students and on October 26 we will welcome our middle and high school students back.  After our weekly review of the transmission rates in both Chester County and our community, we remain optimistic (though cautiously) in continuing on our hybrid path. We feel that our Health and Safety Plan with layered mitigation efforts is well-designed to keep students and staff safe.  That said - we are closely monitoring the transmission numbers and rates and will make adjustments to our instructional model as the data dictates. 

During our weekly meeting with Dr. Sulieman, she presented the most recent COVID-19 transmission rates and metrics. See the report here. While the numbers are mostly good for Chester County - there are areas that bear watching. These are the important takeaways:

  • Chester County positivity rates remained flat at 3.2%;
  • Chester County has seen a weekly increase in incidence rate per 100,000 from 46.5 to 52.9;
  • UCF municipalities have seen an increase in incidents from 14 to 36. Most of this increase appears to be accounted for by an outbreak at the Pocopson Prison. While disconcerting - these cases do not have a direct impact on our schools or community;
  • Projected incidence rates per 100,000 - in the coming weeks -  show an uptick in Chester County cases over the coming weeks with cases modeled to be around 50.

We will continue to be diligent in the implementation of our Health and Safety Plan and vigilant in monitoring and analyzing COVID-19 transmission rates. We do this in order to keep everyone safe and to make the right decisions at the right time. As always - we appreciate your support and understanding.


Kind Regards,

John Sanville