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UCFSD Health and Safety Plan

Dear Parents -

While we are in the midst of summer - we are all thinking of the start of school in the fall. Since April we have been developing our Health and Safety Plan for reopening all UCF schools safely while providing options to meet students' unique needs. After a lot of meetings, hours of reading, and countless conversations our administrative team - in consultation with our nurses, school physician, and members of our teaching staff - has designed a plan to keep students and staff safe, engage students in meaningful instruction, and support the social and emotional wellness of everyone. 

In preparation we attended seminars provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Chester County Health Department, and the Chester County Intermediate Unit, and met with officials from other school districts.  We listened, shared ideas, and in turn were inspired by what we saw and heard. Your suggestions and feedback were included with the materials we reviewed and discussed.  It has been a busy spring and summer.

We have taken into consideration as many scenarios as possible to meet the needs of every student and every family. UCF households are varied in multiple ways so we worked hard to develop a plan that meets the needs of our students. Ultimately we found a two option approach would best meet our needs - either a total reopen scenario (with safety mitigation) or a distance learning option (similar to the end of last year).  

I appreciate that you will have both questions and input regarding the plan. We have multiple opportunities to do just that …

Like you, we are also living in the COVID-19 world. While we were glad (at least I was) to come back to in-person work, things are very different than when we left in March.  We are making adjustments and changes to our physical set-ups as well as to how we think. The upcoming school year will be the first of its kind so we have back-up and alternative plans ready.  Our ability to be nimble and to adapt as needed will be especially useful. 

As you read through the plan - know that we have provided mitigation measures and strategies for keeping students and staff as safe as possible.  We are also focusing on the emotional well-being of all who enter the buildings and are prepared to work with anyone who needs additional time or support.  These are challenging times for all of us.

I want to thank you, our students, and our teachers and staff for your partnership and support as we move forward to navigate the changing waters of the 2020-2021 school year. Working together we will make this a successful, productive, and healthy year for all of us - and especially our students. 



John Sanville