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UCF Virtual Academy

Unionville-Chadds Ford Virtual Academy


Please use the link to watch the UCFVA open house that took place on August 10.



If we choose the brick and mortar option and things go red after school starts, will enrolling in the UCFVA be an option to us, or will the synchronous online instruction through UCFSD be the only option?

UCFVA is a rolling admission. Students can register at any time. However, the course pace and topics covered may be different from what a student experiences at a UCFSD brick and mortar school. We are asking families to commit to a semester once they register for UCFVA.


Is equipment available and what is the Learning Management System?

Students in grades K-12 will receive a Chromebook. The Chromebook is issued from Unionville Chadds- Ford School District. Brandywine Virtual Academy uses Genius for their learning management software. This is similar to Canvas and Seesaw. Students will receive emails and grade communication through this platform. 


What percentage of their coursework will be on the computer?

This varies for each grade level. Students at the elementary level will have less computer time but there is also an expectation that students complete workbooks and outside projects. For students at the middle school and high school level, each course will take approximately 45 minutes- 1 hour to complete daily. A large percentage of this time is online. 


What will the synchronous lessons look like (non-BVA)? Will it be zoom all day? How does the teacher interact with the students following virtually, especially for the younger students?

UCFVA is a true cyber school experience. The course work is completed asynchronously. Students that are enrolled in an NCAA approved course will have minimal synchronous lessons to complete. 


Is there any interaction between students in classes - group projects, study groups, etc.?

The interaction would take place outside of the school day. BVA and UCFSD both offer clubs and activities for students outside of the school day. 


How will GIEP and advanced courses be accommodated?

All services will be provided by the Chester County Intermediate Unit. Brandywine Virtual Academy will receive a copy of the student’s GIEP. They will work towards goal progress. The teachers and support staff at BVA will provide enrichment opportunities based on the GIEP and needs of the student. 


If your child has an IEP, how is that impacted by enrolling in UCFVA? Are there ways to customize courses to adjust for specific needs or learning styles for special needs students? 

All services will be provided by the Chester County Intermediate Unit. Brandywine Virtual Academy will receive a copy of the student’s IEP. The case manager will work towards goal progress and be responsible for progress monitoring. The teachers and support staff at BVA will modify the curriculum as necessary to meet the needs of the student.


Does the Virtual Academy for early elementary include the use of physical materials (e.g., physical books, physical manipulatives, physical arts/crafts), and if so, would the materials be borrowed from the district, or purchased by families? 

Yes, there are physical materials needed to complete some courses. The materials are sent directly to the student’s home. The district will purchase the needed materials.


Is there an option to transition between UCFA and the school's K-3 program once the initial semester is over?



Do you assess the ability of the student at the beginning of the year, and is the content of the courses tailored to the student's ability? How are the BVA courses selected and scheduled?

No. We use the courses the school district selected for the student to begin the 2020-2021 school year. The course selection process for students took place in Spring 2020. 


Upon enrollment, do students get an overview of system, expectations, etc?

Once students are enrolled in courses, they are required to complete an orientation. The orientation provides an overview of the platforms, how to access support services, along with many other details. 


Can we use our own laptops for UCFVA? If so, do we need to install specific programs?

Students can use their own laptops for UCFVA. However, all students will receive a Chromebook distributed from Unionville-Chadds Ford School District. The technology support will be provided by the school district. Software and platform issues will be handled by Chester County Intermediate Unit.