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UCFSD Portrait of a Graduate

UCFSD is excited to announce that during the January 24th School Board Meeting our school directors unanimously voted to adopt the UCFSD Portrait of a Graduate (POAG). The POAG will be our North Star to help inform our decisions as a District and guide our students on their journey through UCFSD and beyond.  

Our POAG committee got to work last winter, and over the course of the year, facilitated many meetings, hosted focus groups, surveyed the community, shared and presented drafts throughout the district, analyzed the feedback, and made revisions. Our POAG is the culmination of many thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams that were shared throughout this process. 

Our focus now shifts to using the POAG in meaningful ways and building it into the fabric of our schools. It will support and guide our District as we help our students Succeed in Life and Contribute to Society. 

Thank you to the POAG committee, those who participated in focus groups and surveys, and everyone else who reached out to share ideas. We feel that this POAG is a true reflection of our District and community