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UCFSD School Bus “Roadeo''

This past Saturday, our transportation department held a School Bus “Roadeo''. This was a practice event to prepare our drivers for the upcoming county-level safety competition. 

Our team of drivers will go on to compete in the 41st annual Chester County School Bus Safety Competition held at Marsh Creek 6th Grade Center in Downingtown on May 14th, where nearly 200 school bus drivers from all over Chester County compete in this event. 

 The School Bus Safety Competition is a series of obstacle courses, as well as a 50-question written exam on the PA School Bus Driver and Commercial Driver's Manual. After many hours of practice in the months leading up to the competition, drivers compete against each other to score the highest number of points in each event. The top ten winners at the County level go to the State level competition at Penn State. Our drivers’ participation in this competition demonstrates their commitment to safety and excellence in the field. Good luck to all of our drivers who are competing!


Terry Sikoutris - Bus # 41 & CDL Instructor

Kathy Bender - Bus # 42 & CDL Instructor

John Dolan - Bus # 1 & CDL Instructor

Claude Osgood - Bus # 45

George McCook - Bus # 48

Karen Finley - Bus # 36

Sandy Coombes - Bus # 53

Michelle Gilpin - Bus # 30

Ricky Tuel - Bus # 23

Tony Rogowski - Bus # 16

Holly Hopkins - Bus # 31 & CDL Instructor

Jim Fisher - Bus # 39

Ken Pratt - Bus # 11

Chris Courson - Relief Driver