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UHS AP Statistics Students Place in 5th Annual Data Challenge Competition


On Thursday, April 15, sixteen UHS AP Statistics students participated in the Fifth Annual Data Challenge Competition hosted by Temple University.  This year it took place completely online.  Students were able to learn about the Data Science program at Temple from professors and students.  They also participated in a virtual tour of the campus.

During the competition, students were divided up into teams of four.  They competed against teams from other schools by working together to complete a two-hour exam. The results were just announced today.


Winning FIRST PLACE in the competition, was our team made up of:

Erik Chou                                                        

Austin Courtney                                                              

Ansh Patel                                                                     

Arnab Sircar    


Winning SECOND PLACE in the competition, was our team made up of:

Ethan Bennink                                                           

Jack Blackadar                                                          

Troy DeHaan                                                                 

Claire Li 


Other UHS students who competed:

Alexis Brown

Taylor Goodman 

Abby Hyman 

Mackenzie Malloy 

Gayathri Mannem

Meera Sehgal

Phillis Wan

Emma Yin