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UHS Named STEM School of Excellence

Unionville High School has been named an International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) 2023-24 STEM School of Excellence. UHS joins an outstanding group of schools that are impacting and making a significant difference in the lives of their students and Integrative STEM (I-STEM) literacy. Thank you to our students, staff, and community members who continue to promote and support STEM programming at UHS and UCF!

ITEEA’s STEM School of Excellence Award recognizes superior K-12 and Post-Secondary STEM programs from schools all around the world. These schools show outstanding commitment to providing a robust Integrative experience through STEM programs. They are providing a meaningful STEM education experience for students and inspire others to learn effective best practices and instructional strategies to enhance their own programs. These schools serve as a model and inspiration to their communities. They are leaders in their region, province, or state as proponents of advancing STEM education for all.

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