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UHS Varsity & JV Academic Competition Team Advance to County Championship Match

The UHS Varsity Academic Team won both of their playoff matches on Monday, February 28, which advances them to the County Championship on Tuesday night, March 29 at the CCIU in Downingtown.

FIRST-ROUND RESULTS: Unionville 150, PALCS 55, TCHS 25

SECOND-ROUND RESULTSUnionville 140, Conestoga 95, Bishop Shanahan 85

The Varsity Team is made up of Ibraheem Qureshi,  Arnab Sircar, Robert Wang, Chirag Choudhary, Adam Luo, Rikhil Kumar, Ansh Patel, and Michael Gurnee.



The JV Team played their playoff matches on Thursday, March 3 and won both of their playoff matches so they will join the Varsity team and move on to the County Championship, Tuesday night, March 29 at the CCIU.

FIRST-ROUND RESULTS: Unionville 190, Collegium Charter 65, TCHS 20

SECOND-ROUND RESULTSUnionville 120, Downington East 105, Oxford 100

The JV Team is made up of Thomas Gibson, Aniruddh Mutnuru, Akash Patel, Ismaeel Qureshi, Anand Shah, Arjun Suryawanshi, Nathan Zhao, and Francille Zhuang.