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Unionville High School Featured on Fox29

Unionville High School was featured LIVE during Kelly's Classroom on FOX29! News anchor Bob Kelly joined UHS students and staff at their pep rally on January 3. The pep rally was held to celebrate the premiere of Unionville High School's episode of The ClassH-Room!

Kelly's Classroom Video

Watch some of UHS's finest staff and students compete against each other on Fox 29's The ClassH-Room! The episode airs on Wednesday, January 3 at 7 pm. Friends and family can watch it live on TV by downloading the FOX LOCAL app for Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Google Android TV, and Roku. Fox 29 will show the episode again on Wednesday, January 10th, at 6:30 pm. Stream it at, or watch it later on FOX 29 YouTube page, For more information, visit