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Values & Standards

The overarching goal of our performing arts program is to provide our students with the opportunity to experience incredible performance opportunities while also teaching life lessons that facilitate their personal growth and professional success.  We value every part of our performing arts programs equally and recognize that, just as an ensemble needs every performer to play at a high level, we need every student in every ensemble to support each other.  

We develop these life skills through the pursuit of:

Hard Work 

  • a commitment to do what it takes to get the job done 
  • a commitment to sacrifice personal comfort for the good of the organization and those you work with


  • a commitment to do what you say you’re going to do 
  • a commitment to support and follow rules, policies and procedures
  • a commitment to doing the right thing when nobody is looking 


  • a commitment to be proactive, prompt and responsible
  • a commitment to always treat leaders, peers and competitors with respect 
  • a commitment to respect the property and image of the organization
  • a commitment to perform at your very best 100% of the time 


  • a commitment to be passionate about the organization and its mission and values 
  • a commitment to be proud of the organization’s accomplishments
  • a commitment to be proud of your accomplishments
  • a commitment to respect the history and tradition of the organization 
  • a commitment to respect those who were members before you