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Information on this page is not meant as, and should not be used as, a substitute for appropriate medical care. Consult your physician, athletic trainer or other healthcare provider for injury evaluation and treatment.





Treatment Options:

Most injuries are treated using some combination of the following items at the discretion of the athletic trainers or treating physician.

  • Therapeutic Exercise
    • Supervised Activities
    • Manually Resisted Exercises
    • Conditioning Programs
    • Strength Training Programs
    • Home Exercise Programs
  • Taping/Bracing
    • Preventative Taping
    • Preventative Bracing
    • Kinesiology Taping (KT Tape must be provided by patient)
  • Manual Therapy
    • Stretching
    • Therapeutic Massage
    • Muscle Energy
    • Joint Mobilizations
  • Therapeutic Modalities
    • Cryotherapy (ice)
    • Thermotherapy (heat)
    • Electric Stimulation
    • Therapeutic Ultrasound
    • Vibracussor
    • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
    • Myofascial Decompression
    • GameReady
    • Paraffin Wax

*Please note this is not an exclusive list and the ATs may utilize other options if available to them.